Saturday, August 8, 2009

Brutal Legend Delay Attempts Defeated

I posted earlier with regards to Activision suing Double Fine after they had the audacity to go and find another publisher (in this case EA) after being dropped by Activision themselves.

Last week a judge ruled that he was unlikely to grant Activision's requested stay of the release of Brutal Legend and this impending likelihood of what would be quite an embarrassing defeat has now pressed Activision to settle with Double Fine instead of pursuing matters.

I strongly suspect that Activision received nothing or next to nothing in this "settlement", but it was more a vehicle to avoid losing face in what had become quite a public spat. Either way, Double Fine and EA are now free to proceed with the release of Brutal Legend this October, although to be fair this is exactly what they were doing anyway, seemingly regarding Activision's lawsuit as a minor annoyance at best.

And with that, Activision's transformation into the new Satan of the computer gaming world is almost complete, ironically replacing EA who had a pretty good handle on this up until a couple of years ago when they actually started to realise that their public image sucked. These days EA is quite mild in comparison to Activision, who have also got on PC gamers' good side recently by announcing that the forthcoming PC version of Modern Warfare 2 would be priced at $60, instead of the $50 that PC gamers can usually expect to pay for a triple-A title.

It would seem that after the Activision-Blizzard merger that Activision replaced their Board with the Nine Nazg├╗l from The Lord of the Rings, who were seemingly charged with sucking as much money as possible from the public at large without consideration for their image around the world. Hey, greed is good, right?


Well, I called it. It's good to see independent confirmation of this. If I were Double Fine I would have tossed Activision a crisp $10 bill and told them to go and grab a couple of burgers on me, before kicking them out of my office with an admonishment to stop wasting my time with pointless and frivolous crap like this.

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