Sunday, October 2, 2011

What Is PlanetSide?

I knocked together a quick explanation of what made the original PlanetSide so great, and why people should be hyped for PlanetSide 2, over at Destructoid.  I figured people who read here might want to take a look at it, so here it is:

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  1. While I never really played it say for a few times with a "reservist account" it was a game that I basically grew up knowing. Kind of like the Vietnam War. While I never was involved with it, I knew a lot of people who were and those helped shape my life. Similarly for gaming, I wasn't in PS in it's day but the people who shaped my FPS and competitive gaming life were.

    They would tell me stories that started with, "back in PS we would..." or "Do you remember that epic fight when we..." or "OGM I wish we had a pilot/leader/commander/medic like XXXX and then ramble off a dozen or so old combat stories.

    So while I've never played PS before, the legend that it has built around me in the years has helped make me very interested in it. It'll be great to see if something this size can take place or if the rush of small and fast like Modern Warfare will be the future.