Sunday, February 13, 2011

Previously On PlanetSide Next

Since we are (apparently) inching closer and closer to March, which is when we are supposed to see the release of PSN (or perhaps some kind of open beta announcement), I thought I'd post a recap on all of the salient information that has been released so far on the game to get everyone up to speed.

The first information we received that a sequel to PlanetSide was on its way was when an email survey went out to many ex-subscribers at the end of September 2009.  It stated that another game in the PlanetSide universe was forthcoming and that Sony wanted the input of former players to help shape this new game's development.

After that, there was silence for over a year.  No one knew whether the game was still under active development or had been silently killed by SOE.  But then...revelation.  On 8th December 2010 The Escapist published an interview with John Smedley (President of Sony Online Entertainment) where he gave a back-alley confirmation that not only was the game still being developed, but that we would likely be seeing it sometime this coming Spring (specifically March / April).  The entire PlanetSide universe (myself and three others) was shaken to the hilt; all praising SOE for making such a thing possible in so short a time.

While there is still very little solid gameplay information out there about Next, John Smedley has been a one-man PR campaign, releasing several PlanetSide Next models both on his Twitter feed and also in collaboration with the popular PlanetSide fansite PlanetSide Universe.

The first image to do the rounds was a revamped Vanguard (New Conglomerate tank):

Original model from PlanetSide

New model from PlanetSide Next

After that we received the new Galaxy (common, large, troop-carrying aircraft):

Original model from PlanetSide
New Galaxy model from PlanetSide Next

This was followed a couple of weeks later by the new Reaver model (common, medium air assault vehicle):

Original model from PlanetSide
New Reaver model from PlanetSide Next

And then the new Mosquito (common, light air assault / support vehicle) shortly afterwards:

Original model from PlanetSide
New Mosquito model from PlanetSide Next

Over the weekend we received the latest model released by PSU (via John Smedley), that of a Terran Republic soldier:

Some TR soldier models from the original PlanetSide
New TR soldier model from PlanetSide Next

From looking at the before-and-after shots it's quite clear to see that all of the new models are much more detailed than those of the original game, comprising of many more times the polygons of the original versions.

These images represent all that is publicly known about PlanetSide Next to date.  Assuming that a March / April release date is still on the cards (and we have no reason to believe that it isn't) then I would expect to hear more news later this month, hopefully comprising of solid gameplay information and perhaps some more screenshots and videos, to boot.

All I can say is: bring on March!