Friday, February 17, 2012

PlanetSide 2 Beta Codes In April's PC Gamer

In further confirmation of the imminence of PlanetSide 2's beta, the April edition of PC Gamer magazine will carry codes that will get you into the first phase of the beta as soon as it starts up.

A couple of caveats: all current and former PlanetSide subscribers will already be getting into the beta, so this code won't do anything that you won't already be getting if you are a former player.  SOE Fan Faire 2011 attendees (where PlanetSide 2 was "officially" announced) also get into the first phase, so you will likewise not need a code if you were at that event.

Other than that, it looks like the article in April's PCG will have a lot of details (including a write-up of a playtest with PCG senior editor Evan Lahti) and that the beta is right around the corner.

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