Saturday, April 21, 2012

All You Need Is Nekro

I recently got an interesting email from a PR company representing DarkForge Games, who asked me to put out some information regarding their newest (first?) project, a game called Nekro.

Nekro is aiming to take the RTS genre and give it its own unique spin by not giving you control of the units that you summon.  You explore randomly-generated worlds and have to choose the right set of minions for the circumstances at hand, as well as "brewing" new items and spells to aid you.

As seems to be all the rage these days, DarkForge (who apparently have industry veterans hailing from such names as Microsoft, Blizzard and Sony) are attempting to raise some of the funding for the game on Kickstarter (and at the time of writing they were almost half way there).

Their Kickstarter page can be found by clicking over here, and they have set a goal of raising $100,000 by 4th May.

Some of the artwork looks interesting and I'm all for smaller studios trying to do their own thing in a sea of EAs and Ubisofts, so I have no problem giving them a helping hand by letting the five people who read this blog check it out.

Pay it forward, after all.